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Damian Smith is currently based in Brisbane Australia working as an Illustrator / Artist. Having studied Illustration he enjoys bringing the story telling element into his paintings. He draws emotion through his paintings in the same way comic art is used, framing a moment to exaggerate action or emotion. Damian’s recent focus in subject matter has been in a few different directions from Story telling Illustration paintings with an anime influence which has a slightly Pop Art feel to it. To Glamour photography influenced modern portrait paintings. And Illustration portrait works where he conveys a certain mood using connotations of colour and subject matter with minimal context. He currently exhibits originals and prints in galleries and cafe type environments in Brisbane and the great surroundings. His work can be described as a fusion of Pop art and hyper realism. Damian Smith has always strives to create affordable modern art for every one to enjoy.

Latest Art from Damian

Celebration of the Female Form - Beauty and mortality Celebration of the Female Form – Beauty and mortality – By Damian Smith DamiansART


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Sir Richard Branson portrait by Damian Smith Sir Richard Branson portrait by Damian Smith

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